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Conversion in the Zehdenickerstraße

Berlin, 2017

The project consisted in installing a chimney in an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The apartment was newly built and had a preinstalled chimney connection.
The living room of the apartment accesses a spacious terrace directly in front of the space reserved for the chimney. The idea was therefore to create a space where it would be possible to sit, spend time, read and look outside while sitting next to the fire – the wood stove’s position allowing it to face the living room and be next to the new sofa at the same time.
Only being able to see the fireplace from a frontal position would have meant turning one’s back on the terrace, the views and natural light.
The clear, straight, precise and almost “hard” geometry contrasts with the choice of high-quality, robust materials, almost baroque in their appearance yet highly usable: the black marble with its conspicuous white veins, fumed oak for the shelves (more heat-resistant than natural oak), and Kvadrat upholstery in ochre for the sofa. The rest is painted in the same tone of white as the apartment.




Berlin, Germany


March 2017


César Trujillo Moya



Built surface

2,60 m²


Philipp Obbkircher