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Kitchen for a flat in the Templinerstraße

Berlin, 2020

In the project for the realisation of a kitchen in a new flat in Prenzlauerberg, a particular importance was placed on finding the most suitable materials to the design, which was already defined by the office in Barcelona H3O arquitectes. The project also included the coordination of the works from delicated carpenters and blacksmiths and furthermore best constructive solutions for the specific design idea.
In the clear, almost hard geometry of the project and the sensitivity and attention to the materials we discovered a common interest with our colleagues from the office in Barcelona.

Like they describe: „These two factors determine the design as a mixture of materials emerging from those fundamental contexts shaping our idea of Berlin. Schinkel’s Imperial marbles (worktop), the radiating transparencies of German expressionism manifestos (the lamp-lighthouse in the upper left corner), the Golem tiles from the U-Bahn (plinth) merged with the materiality of infinite parties in underground clubs: cold, hard and full of otherness and artificiality (drawers and upper cabinet). Several plans and volumes, heterogeneous between them, result to the intersecting hard kitchen, which is, at the same time, light in order to express the contradiction that Berlin means for us. Finally, a touch of blue brings the Spanish client to his beloved Mediterranean Sea”.




Berlin, Germany




H3O arquitectes and César Trujillo Moya



Built Surface



Philipp Obkircher